Challenge Fund: Round 4

The increasing severity and frequency of extreme weather events and growing threats from plant and livestock pests/diseases threaten to undermine regional food security, poverty reduction efforts and the achievement of the SDGs.

The World Bank Group (WBG) has ongoing efforts for improving the managing agriculture risks and to promote climate change adaptation and resilience in the agriculture sector.

In order to prioritize investments in resilience and preparedness to reduce agriculture losses, poverty and food insecurity, and de-risk agriculture investments, decision makers need tools that capture accurately the economic and social impact of agricultural risks. To incentivize the development of these tools, the World Bank has launched an innovation challenge to the community of experts aiming at building integrated systems that can leverage existing data sources, analytics and models to assess in a granular, scalable and dynamic way the various dimensions of economic impact induced by agricultural stressors.

Public Announcements of the Proposals Funded in this Round will be made in September 2019.

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