Challenge Fund: Round 2

In an effort to further explore the disaster risk management community's perspective on priorities for producing better disaster risk information for developing countries, GFDRR and FCDO launched Solving the Puzzle: innovating to reduce risk.

The report revealed that in many developing countries, there simply aren't enough available data related to risk, limiting the development of risk-reducing policies. In August 2016, the second round of the Challenge Fund was launched, focusing on key challenges identified in the Solving the puzzle report, namely to develop a framework that facilitates a multi-hazard view of risk.

In response to Solving the Puzzle, GFDRR commissioned the British Geological Survey, GEM Foundation and University College London to develop data schemas for hazard, exposure and vulnerability data, and trialling the schema with new data for the pilot country, Tanzania. Subsequently the schema were combined and a modelled loss schema added. These schema have become the Risk Data Library. The Risk Data Library provides a risk data standard that supports disaster resilience by making it easier to store, find, edit and exchange data for climate and disaster risk assessments.

Challenge Fund Rounds